Lunds Mekaniska AB

I tested one cutter body to see if it was better or inferior to the ones we normally use. It is by no chance inferior. The advantage is that you can use all the inserts on a corner and half the cost for indexable inserts. I put it to the test in a really hard task with a 3-4 mm cut with a good feeding and it managed excellent. I am really impressed of the stability and the result.”

Stefan Jönsson, ägare
Telefon: 0706-28 01 84

NilsOls Alpha AB

Ecogreenmill“Only positive, far beyond the expectations. I thought it should be at least as good as the old tools, but I would have accepted a bit poorer quality since you can use the milling-inserts one more time. But it appeared that the indexable inserts lasts even longer using Ecogreenmill compared to run in the right direction. I am not sure what the reason for this is but I have a theory that it either has to do with the higher precision in the production of the milling body compared to my old equipment, or that the casette resilience reduces the forces and make the milling-inserts last longer. We have used it now and then during a month. All where skeptical from the beginning, but all have changed their minds. If everything works perfectly we will only use the half amount of indexable cutter inserts in the future. This will save a lot of energy with the manufacturing of new inserts. You will only have to distribute half the amount of inserts which results in fewer transports. In a year we use inserts for about 300,000 SEK. 50-100 inserts a week in 52 weeks ends up in 2,500-5,000 inserts a year. The average price for a indexable insert is 70-80 SEK. Some cost 20 SEK and others 800 SEK. I would say that we save at least 100,000 SEK yearly using Ecogreenmill. Then the finish is far better.”

Kenny Juhler, VD
Telefon: 0733-60 04 26