Bjärred Mekaniska Verkstad AB

The company that has developed Ecogreenmill is Larssons i Bjärred Mekaniska Verkstad AB. They work as a sub-supplier for customers with high demands within cutting and fine mechanics as well as assembly. The company is a family business with a long history, satisfied customers and a healthy economy. Larssons i Bjärred Mekaniska Verkstad AB have Tripple-A rating that guarantee a safe and secure co-operation. The turnover for 2014 was 57 MSEK and the amount of employees was 26 people. Our name and company shall always be associated with Swedish tradition and quality. Ecogreenmill – Made in Sweden.

In 2007 the company changed direction from being a traditional mechanic workshop for 60 years. Jimmy Jansson, an operator that still (2015) works for Larssons i Bjärred Mekaniska Verkstad AB, got an idea. The idea lead to a prototype that eventually became the present Ecogreenmill product and what will revolutionize the future use of inserts within milling.