The internal chase on savings is not all about money. The name of our innovation, suggests that this project has been driven forward with the good for the environment in mind. The inserts contains heavy metals for resists the hard stresses. Due to the fact that now the need for inserts has been reduced, Ecogreenmill contributes to decrease the environmental impact when extracting and producing inserts. Even the transports and waste handling are reduced.


Only in Europe, hundreds of thousands of inserts are discarded although that they only are used to the half.


The most kinds of square inserts assembled in 45 degrees fits in our new cutter body Ecogreenmill. This is possible thanks to our patented cassette system. Cutting rate, geometries, feed rate and rotating system.as fits in tly..speed are equal to cutting clockwise. The management is as uncomplicated as its sounds. – It is just to make the turn and go. Because of that the cost of the inserts is reduced with 50%, we realized that not everyone would give it a warm welcoming.


Because of that we have been extra careful and during two years we have made tests and have references on a regular use. The result has shown in one direction – the quality and finish is as good as with new inserts.


One thing perhaps, we should confess right away. If we at Larssons i Bjärred Mekaniska Verkstad had produced inserts, we would have been talking quietly about our innovation. Because it often comes to drastical savings.


Let’s make an example. consider you have a waste box with five kilos used inserts. If you can reuse the inserts, the box has a value of 10000 euros. The investment for the new cutter that you need- pays off directly.

At Least the Same Quality

Our tests and references have confirmed that milling counterclockwise (M04) does not have a negative effect on the details. On the contrary, several of our customers have experienced a better finish. The reason for the good finish is the damping in the patented casette system together with the high precision in the production.

Cutting data, geometry, feeding, and rotation speed are already known from milling clockwise, just change to M04 and see the costs drop.

The operator runs normally, the only difference is that the Ecogreenmill milling head runs in M04. It has never been this easy to lower the costs.

We want our customers to feel absolutely and 100% safe in the purchase of Ecogreenmill and offer a free Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Lathe Using Cutter Edge

Our lathe tool and casette system allows you to re-use cutter edges for milling. With Ecogreenmill it is possible to turn in a lathe using cutter edge – an innovation for a lot of people! Let us show and prove that it is possible.

The two primary fields of application for our lathe tool is when you want to:

* Surface scrap
* Turn along scrap

The primary advantages with our lathe tool are that you operate for free as long as using used cutting edges, you save the environment, and the durability is very good.